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*This was written for the Illuminati Members Portal. It is solid regardless of situation.



This whole ‘insistence’ that we ALL be leaders, is just too much. Most folks have zero desire, to take on the stress & responsibility that comes with leadership. I never liked all that myself! Most folks really would rather just help without the headaches.
I worry for the baby Initiates, that have zero desire to lead & who might be feeling like they aren’t fitting in, because of this. I worry they will feel as if, there is no place in this movement for them, if they are not yet the leader they would like to become. It concerns me that some of you, are becoming discouraged by the pressures around here, so I thought I should speak
Truth is, we ALL have a place in the Universal Design. It takes every single one of us, to make ENORMOUS things happen. And we ARE going on to ENORMOUS things my friends.
To those of you, who have chosen me as your “leader”. I will serve you with all my heart. I am going to need you guys, to help me spread the Light & so much more, as we enter into Phase 2 of our vision. I cannot do this alone & I am grateful to all of you, who have come behind the scenes to support me!
It is perfectly ok to follow!! As long as you follow someone or something, that is in possession of the Light. I follow the Illuminati! I follow the Light too. I both follow and lead. Most of us naturally do both.
There will be others to follow around here, as new leaders emerge. So if I am not your style, someone else will be.
But DO NOT fall into, the false belief that you are any less valuable, than any of the rest of us. That would be a lie from the pit of hell Yo’s!!
Anyway. I hope this comes as a relief, to those of you who were feel “less than” around here~

I helps folks find & follow the Light~


  1. V, according to these increasing stereotypes about the Illuminati,as Leaders, how do we go about a situation where someone wants to join the organization just to gain powers and richness and then bothers you from time to time on how soon shall that be?

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    • I do not linger on people who have an alternative agenda. I speak to them about merit. And earning their way. Then I move on. To many sincere seekers, to waste time on those who are not. Imo

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  2. Even before becoming an initiate, I have often considered what my role and responsibility is as a leader. I know that I have been blessed with the gift of influence and the ability to use words to change people’s minds. however, I have often shirked the opportunity to do so. Mostly because of the responsibility being a leader carries with it. I find that I usually step up to the plate if either no one is willing to and I think it is important, or if someone is screwing something up immensely that I am involved in or passionate about. Otherwise I am fine not leading, even when I know I have been blessed with the ability to do so. It brings to mind the question of what responsibility does one have to humanity to lead if the power is in them to do so. Must we do everything we are capable of doing? I use to think so but now I’m not sure. For example, I had the innate ability to become a doctor. I understood science easily and it was something that came to me naturally and bc it is difficult for most, I felt it was my responsibility to become one. I did and found that I disliked the profession immensely. So it brings to question: are we called to use everything we have been blessed with to further humanity, even if it makes us miserable? And do our innate talents and abilities point to our purpose in life? And what if I have talents in many areas that oppose each other? Then what? Still seeking…

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  3. I think following you isn’t that much different from following the light becouse well, if I’m not wrong most of us following u here been led by the light to learn and understand what it is you know? that is needed from a leader to have his/her people under control, yeah I think that’s where we as leaders begin( no one was born a leader) one must first have that DESIRE of being you know? A leader then make a RESEARCH esp from certain types of Leaders on how, then act accordingly to what you’ve learned and attained through.

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