I would say I have a pretty decent degree of love for all humans. But I do not love all of us, equally. Not even close. Admittedly, I must love some folks, from afar.  Although I strive to love the unlovely…I have yet, to completely master that one.

So really. I probably need several English versions of the word, love. Like the Greeks. Then my opening statement wouldn’t sound so bitchy.

I actually have a much greater level of love for humanity, as a species though. Maybe because we are all grouped up, so the vibes are especially glorious, when magnified…But I just LOVE me some Mankind!

Warts & all!

I believe in “us”. Even when some of you, let me down. I know to my core, we are a magnificent work in progress, headed somewhere wonderful.

No matter what the 5 o’clock news, spews.

I can hardly wait, till the part in human evolution where, we are waaaaay more loving, towards one another.

If I could, I would totally love the ‘hell’ out of our collective DNA. So no one would ever be an unloving, violent or vile asshole again. And maybe replace it with codes for joyous Light filled bubbles, of selfless, self love…or something equally as spectacular.

Except, that would be a matter of asserting my personal will, over another. Kind of like bad prayers & selfish spells do. Robbing folks of free will, probably violates a wagon’s load, of intergalactic morality laws! Never mind, it misses the point of duality, entirely.

So yeah…











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