Hell or High Water~


I  did not get to where I’m at, by accident.

In fact, I came to The Illuminati by following the Light. I followed it straight up to the base of this pyramid, without hesitation. Because, you know…

(((Light attracts Light)))

However, just before meeting IAM for a myriad of reasons, I had come to a place of no vision.



Stop Signs were everywhere! It wasn’t caused by darkness. And I wasn’t blind. I simply could not “see” my future, in the direction I was heading at the time. I was stagnant & stuck.

The Illuminati, has radically 180’d me off dead end roads, in every possible way. And not without pain either. The process of burning down a life, so a new one can emerge from it’s ashes, is so far beyond uncomfortable; it’s actually maddening.

Yet, I was so fundamentally in need of another resurrection, I welcomed the refinement fires.

The clarity and vision I am experiencing now, has not come instantly  on a sterling silver platter. It continues to unfold organically, as I keep my eyes on the road I now find myself traveling on.

As it turns out, there is an auto-pilot feature called an ‘internal compass’! I just need to listen to it’s directions, stay in my lane & move forward!


Now that I can finally ‘see’ where I am going… I am completely driven to play my unique part in the Universal Design, with enthusiasm & flair!!

Come hell or high water, actually~



  1. Nice presentation even if it appeared like an illusion.The process of burning down a life so that a new one can emerge/be born from it’s ashes.kindly explain to me are we going to resurrect in another form

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