gallery What a hassle!


As “they” say…the struggle is real!

Some days are such a hassle, it is ridiculous.

It is bad math start to finish.

Seems like everything goes sour in the frig. at once. The littlest things become colossal and if it could go wrong, it does.

I really do not love days like that.

From dropped keys or calls, to bad billing or bad medicine, it all seems to stack up at once. For me anyway. The challenges never seem to drift by alone and quiet like. Rather they scream through, with a dozen of their best friends, seeking to knock me down.

When really, they only make me feel pissy-pot-pie!

I wonder how many others out there, have faced days/weeks/months or even YEARS of non-stop complicated BS. I am not talking about the stuff we can control, but the stuff we can’t. The things that fly out of left field, on the ready to bulldoze some area of your life, unannounced.

Thankfully, life has the right amount of delightful in the mix, to keep the bad juju, palatable~




  1. We are atoms after all , we attract and repel by nature , we feel so we respond , our feelings create vibrations and vibration becomes like a magnet we attract what we create and somehow it materislizes kind of , even events and situations , do you think it is possible ?

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    • Agreed…Our powerful minds are indeed capable of manifestation. However it’s not that simple. Do you think an infant’s mind, is capable of attracting a pedophile? With free will in the mix, things get complicated.


  2. There is truth in how it is and truth in how it is perceived but the two are rarely the same & that is our duality .
    We are one with how it is & that could be what we call the Universal Design .

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