gallery My Custom Crest!!



1000 THANK YOUs, to the marvelous Allan @WolfMusicProd for this magnificent custom creation! He’s made several versions too! Can you even believe how cool these are?! I absolutely love them! I think he might have made me Scottish, or a Rothschild though in the animated one?



But he used my real family crest, for inspiration. He even allowed me to help with the final details. I am truly excited to sport this thing! I honestly think everyone should have one of their own!

Please contact him on twitter, if you want to discuss having one created, especially for you. They’re only $25 !!





  1. That is so beautiful and powerful. Its actually very touching how someone took time out of their life to do something for someone else. I know it will be treasured for years. We need more people like this today.

    I will be making contact for my personal one.

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    • Seria. Bueno. Tener. Una. De. Esa.
      Corona. Quiero. Una. Como esa.
      Mil. Bendiciones. Para. Los. Que. Pudieron. Tener. Una. De corona
      Bendiciones. Siempre.
      Mi. Amor. Por. Ellos. Es. Grande. I.
      Mi. Lealtad. Amis. Illuminati.
      Es. Grande. Maravilloso.

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