Pissy Pot Pie!




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Today the human in me, is just pissed!

The kind of pissy-pot-pie than has rendered me not just horrified, but hopeless.

I am so disappointed in Americans and their lack of critical thinking skills, I feel like throwing up. For sure more crying is on my agenda. My mind has been assaulted by the sheer stupidity of human sheep, who actually assist criminals in our demise of our country and culture. My heart crushed by the unrelentingly grip on my people, by those who seek to ensnare them to a life of cage-less slavery.

All this talk of waking up, and it sure isn’t translating to better decision making.

The fox will remain in the hen house.

The Deep State continues unabated.

And to top it off, The Illuminati reduces it all, to “opposing forces that bring order”. 



What kind of order?

For who exactly?

The ruling class of elites?

The Deep State?

Because they are clearly not accountable to the same Laws we are!

In fact, they are echelons above them. Free to act with impunity, while the rest of us are punished simply by living under their diabolical tyranny, never mind if we J walk!  Freedom is a lie, that has cost us our kids, our ability to determine our own destiny and the right to pursue HaPpiness.  And in my case, any hope for mankind right now.

I just do not have faith in humanity today.  Why bother trying to help a species too idiotic to understand they have been lied to in mass, and have drunk the kool-aid that is killing us all?

I honestly thought more folks could see through the crap. But clearly, they cannot. The worst thing about this for me is, they never will, if The Illuminati is to be believed. There will always be 50% that does not agree, even with undeniable and verifiable truth, dead set in front of them.  What a sad state of affairs for us. We are not nearly as clever and as evolved as we think ourselves to be, if we cannot tell the lies from the truth.

Today I cannot help but wonder, what will become of us.

Because it appears as if the war has already been lost by those who have the most to lose, those who do not seem to know, there is a battle~

 (Sometime in September 2018)

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