What if science were able to prove without a doubt… that reincarnation is in fact, VERY real? How would this shift your present world view? Would it shape the way you did things here? How would you feel about such a revelation, if you had been led to believe in heaven & hell?

Would you still chase after abrahamic gods? Would you still go through with your gender reassignment? Would you be more OR less, success driven? Would you stop and smell the roses, or take paradise and put up a parking lot?

What do you suppose our global society would morph into… if this one truth could be conclusively shouted from the rooftops?

*Draft from June 22, 2015


  1. If reincarnation finds me in heaven or hell, it will be chance for me to come and finish our global society programmes that I could have left. I would not go back to the Abrahamic religious as illuminati has no religious.

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  2. I would stop and smell the Roses and probably go fishing more often. One of the things I would do is stop holding my true feelings in. I’m not talking about the “I love you” stuff, I say that constantly, and I truly mean it. I’m talking about the people that I have to work with or associate with through business that will do anything to screw you and your company. They wouldn’t wonder why I cringe when I deal with them, it would be crystal clear.

    Always loyal

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    • I am trying my best to be authentic & open, but my job does not allow me the full range of expression either. It is frustrating to live in a society where we cannot be genuine, in all situations.
      Thankfully, the Millennials are on it! Hahaha~

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      • That is so funny that you say that, how true it is that the Millennials have no problem speaking their minds. I envy them sometimes for that.

        Back to your subject;
        Unfortunately we just pulled the plug on my dear uncle. He is my fathers twin and my father was killed in a car accident when I was 17. So the subject hits home at a perfect time and it is a welcome feeling. Goes to show you we never know what someone else is going through.

        Thank you for that. You are a special person.


      • Ahhhh man! May peace be with you & yours, during this difficult time! After witnessing the Light come out of my Dad’s mouth, upon his last breath, I never questioned death again. I know that I know, that partings are temporary. I hope this brings you the same comfort, it has brought me David ~


      • Thank you, of course it has been difficult, but I have leaned greatly on my new found family and spent a lot of time ready your site. All of this has given me strength.

        You are a wonderful person who has helped many just by sharing your life stories.

        Again, thank you.

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