The Path~


The path up the pyramid, is not a journey taken by those interested only in wealthy outcomes.

A treacherous road, awaits those who lack patience.

I know, I took that path. It led to darkness & a lack of vision for me.

Failure to see the bigger picture, makes the road blocks in life, next to impossible to navigate.

However…Hardship, WILL reveal its Treasures, in the Light of closer scrutiny.

The journey to become a better version of yourself, is required to consider yourself Illuminati.


It isn’t a title, it is a living essence, found in all others of our kind~


  1. Hello Princess of Light,I need your infinite guidance in a matter”I am learning that a lot of folks are saying they are agents of the Illuminati on instagram and I wanted to know who are the real ones, I have been dealing with one in question and I need your honest opinion on this,my email address is, I am a child of light and am tired of being mislead,I want the Light Princess of Light, oh my cell phone 1-845-863-9909 please leave a message and I will get back to you pronto.

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