👣 Tread Wisely~

You can recognize the truly #LightLed,   by their “fruits”.

While they are still human, the bulk of their lives, will show evolution of thought & deed.

They are the ones, who actively participate in their personal growth.

They are the ones, who examine their own lives, with far more ruthlessness than any hater.

These are the ones, who actually embrace change and are willing to open new doors; within.

They are full of juicy goodness, that is nourishment to others, starving for human kindness & knowledge.

I encourage you to stay huddled with those, who are bringing their ‘A’ game, even at “practice”.

(((Light attracts Light)))

Practice becoming the most illuminated version of yourself, with them.

These are your future leaders.

These are the ones, who will lead the way, into the New Age of Illuminatiam~

HaPpy Trails 👣 !


  1. I love the light and I want to be part of the light, to fulfill my career, have trying to join but not succeeding, please help me follow the light forever???

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