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  1. Hi, good luck with your new i2i focus. If you should ever need someone from me please don’t hesitate to connect with me directly outside of the portal. last night I had another message which would love to share with you, if you read my poem you will connect the dots.
    Together we are strong
    Take good care

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      • Hi, thanks for the quick response I appreciate it. I thought you were organizing the collection of poems from the people in the portal. Then publishing a poem/story book that was going to fund/seed another phase. That’s where I sent my poem story of how I was led to the light.

        I am not on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media and the portal will not let me send you a private message so my apologies for connecting with you here on your personal site.

        If you don’t have access to my email from the portal tech team or through this site then please let me know and I will provide. Just trying to stay behind the curtain. Would appreciate connecting with you.
        Take good care

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  2. I like everything youare doing to share the light all over the world
    You blessed and may the light shining and touch all heart


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