Hardships in Hell~


We all face hardships. They are an unavoidable part of the path, towards our own greatness. From unintentional missteps, to willful side-steps, we all face the consequences of our moves.

The luxury of choice, is not without responsibility. While we are destined to realize our full potentials, we choose what roads we take to get there. And how long. In the scheme of eternity, we are certainly welcome to take the long way home.
However, with the thunder of approaching storms, those called to higher places, cannot linger. We smell the storm coming. We recognize our personal trips to hardship hell, are a necessary part of our personal preparation.
We feel the sense of urgency.  We want to be crafted into better versions of ourselves. ASAP.  We want to learn from our mistakes. We are open to the education, only true hardship can teach. We know there are treasures in hardship hell, and we want them. We want to be deep & wide and strong enough, to weather whatever lays ahead. And help others do the same.

So fear not, your struggle. Try and see the refinement fires of Hades, for what they truly are; Initiation. Every successful human you have ever know or heard about. Has suffered the same flaming examination. Take comfort in the idea, that these things are merely prerequisites, to inheriting the wisdom necessary, to fulfill your unique role in the Universal Design.

The harder the climb, the broader the view. Let the infernos of hardship, produce excellence in you~

PS: To the Initiates of the Illuminati:

I encourage you all, to reserve your critical eye, for your own initiation process. Respect the struggle, of your fellow Initiates. Get off the throne of judgement on others and take ruler-ship of your own life. Everything you have ever walked through, leading up to the base of The Illuminati’s pyramid, is by design.
Here, is where the real work begins. If you have time to over analyze others, you likely aren’t in the growing pattern necessary, to take the next step. We are all in this together Initiates. And only those fully committed to their evolutionary development, will gain higher ground.




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