My First Monument ~


Can you even believe this? My friend @IAMColorsmith did this for me! It is one of my favorite sayings. It is painfully true for me. Blazing trails, is often a lonely path.

Colorsmith took it to Grand Haven, Michigan for me. He left it out in the wild for the perfect passerby! I am hoping the person who needs to hear this bitter reminder the most, finds it & takes it home with them. It is an affirmation, that crowns indeed have thorns.

This kind of giving blows me away!

It’s a gift that keeps on giving…the most precious kind. It is actually a monument to the heart of the giver, rather than she who receives it~



  1. Hey 22 how are you doing?hope you are doing well just wanna say hey to you and thanks for touching the heart of many.You are an inspiration of our lives.More blessings and all the best in whatever you do much love from the family 🔺wish one of this fine daiz to meet with you.Thanks for everything and the effort you put to betterment of human are a light 🔺

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