Words matter~



I strive to follow through on everything I say. For me, that is the essence of integrity. It is how we build trust.

When others tell me things and they do not happen as stated & there has been no communication to explain the delay, it erodes my ability to trust their words.

Trust is an essential ingredient necessary to sustain long term relationships, with anyone. In it’s absence, the union crumbles.

While others might be OK following those who have no proven integrity like sheep. I am not one of them~




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  1. Dear Sister,

    at https://www.facebook.com/illuminatiamtutor/ I was informed that I should inform you regarding my matters.

    I am the Antichrist ( http://www.antichrist.cz ) and I would like the Illuminati/people let know. Do you have any ideas what to do next?

    I would also like to become the Czech Illuminati ambassador. Is that possible?

    I also want to let you know that I am managing the Czech webpage Confession of the Illuminati ( https://www.facebook.com/P%C5%99izn%C3%A1n%C3%AD-Ilumin%C3%A1t%C5%AF-305460259642935/ ).

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards, Zdenek Schee


  2. Greetings Ivy my name is Gladys. I follow you on Twitter I too also was called I was invited to join I had two questions though and almost no answers but I’m jumping into this blindly with all my trust I put in the Illuminati anyway I just wanted to let you know the reason why I’m sending this message and I hope that you can help me if that would be okay. enjoy your day. Smiles


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