It is National PTSD Awareness Day.
You should additionally know. I wrestle with this particular mental health issue.
I have had this since I was 19.
It is the result of the ritualistic physical, emotional & physical abuse by the hands & mouth of another, my husband, a fellow Marine. In other words, I was tortured.
I was kidnapped, raped & almost killed by someone I loved.
If I have ever disproportionately lashed out at you or isolated myself from you, OR hurt you in ANY way over the years, I humbly ask for your understanding & forgiveness.
It has taken me decades to recover from such a traumatic event.
I wasn’t even able to talk about it at any length, until about 20 years out. So this might come as a surprise to many of you.
Please know, I am sooooooo much better, and am rarely triggered these days. But early on, my life w/PTSD was a non stop series of disproportional responses & full on meltdowns as I made my way through this thing. Glenn & Jack know how damaged I was. 2 very brave souls who both had a part in my healing, and I am eternally grateful for that.
Because the nightmares & flashbacks stopped quickly on my journey, I assumed that the only lingering issue was occasional bouts of depression. When the fog finally lifted, having given up alcohol, I started to notice myself more. I started on a SERIOUS path of self discovery & awareness that has led me to this moment.
The one in which I publicly proclaim:
I too have survived horrific trauma & suffer from post traumatic stress~