What a messed up & flawed analogy! I ran into this (below) on FB. It set me off on a tangent.  This is the result so far. I will surely expand this one as I go~



Ugh. I can’t help myself, here goes…

How about considering a fact based perspective:
906,000 abortions (some say murders) took place in 2015 compared with 7,245 gun related deaths.
Now, given there are an estimated 300Mil guns in the US & aprrox. 170Mil females…You do the math. Guns don’t kill as many people as Abortions do! Bottom, UNDENIABLE line.

Got it?

Gads, even the freaking flu kills about 35,000 a year! This gun death phobia is so fractal, it should not even be a noteworthy discussion among 320Mil Americans. But it is. Since this was framed with Abortion, a silent killer, most folks are simply not comfortable talking about it. But I’m gonna. Because you want the American taxpayer to pay for your “choice” we gotta talk about. How about we talk about the 1.5 TRILLION abortions worldwide since 1980?

SINCE 1980!

Cat got your tongue?

That’s approximately 1.3 trillion unwanted, unloved, inconvenient, I-am-still-in-school, human deaths SINCE 1980 worldwide! 60 million of which took place in our own back yard since 1973!

Abortion has to be the best population control of all time!        An absolutely unnecessary evil, in an educated, proactive, high tech & humanitarian world.

Have you not noticed, that women that actually want their babies, call them babies from the moment of conception. However, if the “fetus” is unintended, seemingly unaffordable or “inconvenient”, they aren’t even humans worthy of rights or protection? Even though that “fetus” has a unique, full set of DNA blueprints and has set up it’s own independent ecosystem within the host body, mind you. But hey! Don’t let things like heartbeats at 6 weeks or fingers at 12, sway ya. (Warning/Graphic)

I have personally never met a gal who aborted their child for frivolous reasons, who did not deeply regret it, or drink too much to try & forget it!
The mind fry of killing one and later “when you are ready” keeping another, is a lifelong struggle for millions of us.

A Mama knows what she has done. PERIOD.

A Mama knows~

If you want perfect control of your own bodies, how about you consider pro-active birth control? Or is that an inconvenience as well?  The Morning After Pill is another option so popular, abortions are thankfully on the decline. How about you try that?

90% of abortions are nothing more than crisis management. They exist for those who cannot rise up, and face the unexpected challenge, an unplanned pregnancy presents. Nor do they typically practice “safe sex.”

Before you freak out…
I personally believe women have the right to chose. I understand there is & might always be, a fractal amount of pregnancies that are the result of incest/rape/abuse, or are justifiably high risk to mom or reveal overwhelming birth defects to baby. Women facing those kinds of horrors, rightfully deserve a choice. Women who don’t agree with me, deserve a choice! There are without a doubt, humanitarian reasons why Roe vs Wade must stand, in my opinion. However, I find using abortion, as an alternative form of birth control, to be straight up unacceptable in a first world country. There are too many loving humans who would raise that sweet baby for you. Where are the rights of the Father or Grandparents in these decisions? I mean seriously, shouldn’t the bloodlines be consulted for additional options?
I can think of nothing more selfish & morally bankrupt, than an elective abortion.
Some might even go as far to say, abortions are quite literally, a human, blood sacrifice of an innocent.
All because YOU lost control over YOUR body.

So NO.

Do not even talk to me about guns related deaths.

Thank you~



(2nd draft)

* For those who used birth control that failed, this article is not directed at you.

However, it is worth considering… what kind of magnificence you terminated, when you said “no” to Fate~

All views expressed, my own, and I own them!!



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