Following the Light for Beginners~


What is this following the Light stuff?

What does that really mean for those new to the concept?

I hope this will help you get started.

You have already heard the Light described (to some degree) by almost everyone you know.
It is known by many names, this particular Light. But we all have it* Even if, it is buried under years of pain & darkness, it’s there.
It’s that still small voice that says, no. “He is not right for you” or “YES! She IS the One”! This voice can be heard, although not audibly. It provides commentary that has NEVER been wrong. That “voice” is from the Light. And it just “knows” stuff. Stuff you can trust!

Maybe you have heard some call it Jesus, or your Higher Self? Some say it is Great Spirit, others, Angels. Or intuition, Or a ‘gut’ feeling…that “knowing” you get…THAT is from the Light.

It is our eternal, internal compass, that always knows the direction to go when consulted. I have seen it intervene in a myriad of mysterious & miraculous ways. It never fails to illuminate, although often at the 11th hour.

It is that nagging voice, that instant connection with others, that deep sense of peace that whispers in the storm. That hope you get, when all seems lost.

If you chose to follow this Light, it means you are willing to go where it leads. It means you are willing shut up, and listen for advice, far better than yours alone…Including the Popes, the President’s or your parents!

While we all have unexplained or divine interventions in our lives, most don’t realize you can enjoy the more mundane, when viewed through proper illumination.
Alls you have to do to follow the Light, is listen.
Listen to what you are thinking.
Don’t just THINK it!
Listen to yourself.

You will quickly learn, you have never, nor will you ever, be truly alone.
The Light has always been, and it will always be, IN you.
You can access it’s wisdom by paying attention. That’s it.
Just pay attention to your thoughts & follow the direction of the Light from within~

* Disclaimer: I am not certain psychopaths have any connection to the Light.


    • Non. You can be of any faith & still follow the ideals of the Illuminati. Our main purpose is the preservation & advancement of our species. There is no comflict of interests here. Light attracts Light~


  1. Very well said. Your post has enlightened me and has given me much to think about,or to not think about too much( lol).
    Thank you for shating this about the Light,much appreciated.

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  2. Thanks For The wonderful Message To us…
    I choose to Follow The Light.
    I will Continue to Follow The Light.
    And I will live in The Light Forever…
    My all Life and My Soul I dedicate to The Light.

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  3. Look at the pictures of the top…seperated…with light around them…signifying we are enlightened beings… If I were an enlightened Illuminati on top, I would have made some phonecalls about “what the hell they were thinking….colouring in the top with the lowest frequency, red.” It is the first thing I see.
    So why do I have to tell this to people who are supposed to be more enlightened than I am? I know I am dealing with highly sophisticated clever minds. So what is behind their way of thinking? I can’t believe an organization this old makes such mistakes. It’s like an adult telling a child “look…there is a mouse” and the child looking bewildered -are you kidding me?- saying “no, that’s a lion”.
    I have a few scenarios in my mind and I remember what The collective self told me about illuminatiam…”Life is one big game to test you. Be your self and you will succeed” …and that is what I’ll keep on doing.


  4. Yes, but I mentionned to them before – when they coloured in the top of the pyramid being RED – that this was incorrect…red is the lowest frequence and is supposed to be at the bottom They have removed their previous picture now of -the pyramid – I see. But yet,no-one seems to notice these things. I can’t help wondering how many enlightened beings the Illuminati has in their ranks. Clever, yes. But most of them do not think very deep.


  5. The light has many levels, from red – the lowest frequence – to violet – the highest one and the closest to enlightenment. That’s why I was surprised to see that illuminatiam chose RED as colour for the new illuminati pin. Not a very enlightened choice…white or silver would have been a better choice. I can’t ask on the forum, because I can’t get in on .mp. Tried reset password, tried tweeting, e-mail…
    It’s not a good sign. I don’t know what to think about Illuminatiam anymore. If it weren’t for the energies around me who CLEARLY sent me to Illuminatiam with the code 333.’’surreal and supernatural, I would probably have lost my patience and be long gone.

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    • The beginning stages of a climb up the spine, would be red, No? They also use blue. Throat chakra. Lol. I actually thought that same thing! But I came to this process, to learn something new. So I do not worry about these things. I am cool with their stated mission & their teachings are solid. I align with these folks, no matter who they are…

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  6. Definition of psychopath: a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

    When I read the definition I must say it describes some doctors, lawyers, leaders, managers of companies, some people who are in prison and even people who are in my “outstanding bourgeois” family.
    Not all psychopaths are killers. And people who are “psychotic” are far from being a psychopath. People make that mistake all the time.
    But when I hear someone say “I hate cats. I could kill them”, or “you shouldn’t trust your parents”, I am under high alert.
    Psychopaths can pose as very lovable people and the more clever ones like to be on top of an organization and surround themselves with good ignorant people they use to get where they want to be. They will even use children. I’m sure that the Illuminati organization is infected with very clever ones. Nothing is safe.
    It might be shocking when I say that I know there is even a violent killer inside of me. I call it “the crocodile* It is asleep, but it gets triggered by some negative people I call the “fake victims”. It makes me very aggressive inside and is attached to my ego. The part of me I don’t want to trigger at all. I can never be around people for long. Most people seriously work on my nerves. It is a remnant of my upbringing. Probably why I am able to recognize “psychopaths” around me. Now, I consider my self a good person who wants to make this world a better place, where people can be their real self. Still I am not ignorant to my own ego.
    The self is light and total disconnection of self is darkness. Everyone has a possibility to put the switch up towards the light or down towards the darkness. Given the circumstances, a saint can become a killer. You can teach a child to be cold. But everyone has the responsibility to keep away from the manipulation of ego that can trigger the switch to move down. This world being very ego-driven now…a lot of people feel pulled down towards the dark when they go out.
    It’s important never to think that we are all good, because “all good” will create a label for us, which will attach to the ego. The bad will hide for us and we will not be able to recognize the bad anymore. We would become IGNORANT good people.
    In my experience everything is connected to the collective self, which has a switch “going up” towards the light or down towards darkness. The self is the real force behind everything and it makes psychopaths reveal themselves, certainly to those who know about the LIGHT SWITCH and can see behind their smoke screen. I hear it in their voice, in what they say…I see it when they write, I feel it when I’m around them.

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  7. Reading about the Light and the various names it’s been called by the people has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing V! 🙂

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  8. I’m very much amazed with the articles I have read. And I am really to follow the light and for that matter, meeting you. I know I have made a real and true family here.


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