Furthermore Francis…


IMG_5209C’mon Francis! Honestly, it is hard to take you seriously Sir, when you are sitting on enough wealth, to provide a paradigm shift for the poorest on Earth.
While you have indeed, encouraged world leaders to redistribute their wealth to end poverty… http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pope-implores-governments-to-redistribute-wealth-to-the-poor/
If estimates are correct, you could end global poverty without their support! You have yet to put your money where your mouth is here.

And thankfully so; really.

While a basic living wage is an option worth exploring, the laws & ideals governing that money, must be looked at with skepticism. Who would humans be indebted to for such a privilege; exactly? Would we have to sacrifice our firstborn, on their ideological alter? How would our life be regulated under such a system?
People are so desperate to overcome their poverty, they would likely agree to absolutely anything, in exchange for the peace of mind, money ‘theoretically’ affords. This alone, makes a basic income, a dangerous proposition if not properly vetted.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all in for a basic income vouchers. It would be immensely cheaper in the long haul, than welfare & charity, which would become obsolete. Throw in elements of meritocracy, some free healthcare & education and we would morph into a humane society in no time.

If you REALLY mean what you say Sir, you won’t mind paying taxes to fund the future.

But we can’t get to there from here without serious soul searching. In order to truly change the way we do business, entirely new leadership must emerge. Those currently in “control” have a vested interest in the unsustainable status quo. It is up to us to plot a new course that leads humanity towards enlightenment, serenity, and abundance. We all have an eternal compass, and we are all being called to higher ground!

If we can’t find new leadership to guide us on to the next level of our collective spiritual development, we must become them~

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