Religious Leadership Fail (OP-Ed)



“Libertarianism, he continued, is an “antisocial” radicalization of individualism, which “leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority”…

…Hmmmm. The Pope seems to have a log in his “church”.
And perhaps the wrong label maker as well.

It’s extraordinary that he is unable to see he does not practice what he preaches.
Shouldn’t organized human efforts, share the same values expected of individuals?
Or are we to stick with the two set of laws,  we currently function under? You know, the one for Peasants & the one for Kings.
This smacks of “keep your heads down sheep” from arguably the most influential Pastor on this planet.

Why on Earth, would a leader of this magnitude, shame those who assert their divinely given free will?
Oh that’s right, he is speaking of the same ‘free will’, which the church seeks to bend to the WILL of their “god”.
Essentially exclaiming: “By god, don’t do your own thing, do ours”! What a fascinating approach from a religious leader, who clearly reviles Liberty.  I am suspicious of anyone who abhors the freedom to think for yourself.  There is always an agenda attached to such a sentiment.

This either/or, black & white, obsolete line of thinking, is actually what is soul crushing humans into squeezing out this glorified sense of self, so feared by religion. It was produced on your watch, by your ways,  Mr Man of the Cloth! Humans are actually capable of being idividuals as well as team players!  But I guess you forgot that, living in such a rigid system yourself eh?

Mental, emotional & spiritual oppression, eventually gives rise to volcanic backlash, in it’s opposite form. How can a leader of humanity, not know something of the nature of humans? OR…
Perhaps you are well aware of our trusting herd mentality, and have used this knowledge against humanity for centuries?

If your ultimate goal for humanity is true unification. You are doing it wrong Sir.

This is not accomplished by erroneously teaching individualism is incapable of forming worldwide communal connections. That’s categorical bullshit.
It is your banner some of us are rejecting, not Unity.
You are so spectral extreme, you have lost sight of the variety of colors, existent in the human species.
Globalism in not suppose to be a corporation led, cookie cutter, mass mentality, bent to the will of a one world religion.
It is suppose to be a collective of humans, who respect individual choices, while working towards the common good of ALL, from a planetary perspective & beyond!

The essence of liberty is freedom of choice. The core of collective humanity, is populated by individuals.
Anyone or any organization, who advocates the restriction of individual choice, does so in an effort to enslave humanity, thus inhibiting the evolution of our species.
We must use the utmost caution when proceeding into our future selves. As always, decisions made today, will effect us later.
I for one, am not interested in the hollow words of those who have the power & resources to do right by humanity, and choose not to.
I can no longer be manipulated by those who preach one thing, and do another.
As it harms none, I personally envision humans enjoying the myriad of choices individual sovereignty celebrates, while also working towards a global structure, that advances us ALL, into abundance & serenity together.


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