1. Every human desires to be free of oppression,free of hardship ,free of poverty , free of hunger, free of rules and laws,but as I understand,the nature of my specie leaves true freedom impossible

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  2. People have to be willing to carry a candle into the darkest places of their own hearts, in order to gain true illumination. Most are unwilling to walk through their own personal hells. ,I don’t really know what to do,I am still passing true hardship what is the matter,what should I going to do to survive this hardship,I needed your support Here?


  3. Now that I have completed Prerequisites 1 and 2.
    At this time, and my responses are being evaluated. And I will be notified of the results.So how long can I wait for the results and what is most important for me to do.please sister i need your advice? Thanks.

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