Lighten Up!

I follow the Light within. It’s kinda “my thing”. I have been at it since childhood. It’s my passion~

Not everyone who claims to follow the Light, does.
The truly Light filled creature does not pursue the things others value. Their priority is to to help this planet regroup & heal, and to look for ways to lead others to do the same.
If you guys are paying attention, you can easily see who has a sincere heart & who among us are chasing purely selfish desires.
The Light calls us to be set apart from the things of this world, that are ruining it for all of us.
In order to do better, we must BE better than we were before enlightenment dawned on us.
BE the CHANGE. Start by cleaning up your own act. Then you will understand how to best serve others. If those around you do not see a shift in you on the outside… you probably aren’t doing the work on the inside.
Search your heart! If there is war within you, settle it. If there is peace within you, amplify it. If there is hate within you, kill it. If there is love within you, share it!
But don’t just sit there and insist you follow the Light, while continuing to dabble in your own darkness!
That is all 🙏🏽




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