Centered in Love~



As our world seeming descends in to chaos, battle lines are being drawn both at home & abroad.
Arm chair warriors fill our social media feeds with anger, hate & cries for justice, on both ends of the spectrum.
We are told we must chose sides, because if we don’t, we are a part of the problem. We are told we are apathetic & uncaring and that people like us, are the very reason, we are in this global mess we find ourselves in. It is a horrific game of blame, which fuels the collective fires of violence & negates individual personal responsibly, with one punch.
Contrary to popular belief, there is a third choice. It is called the “middle”. It is a place of balance, that bridges even the greatest divides. Those who inhabit the center, can see the value of both sides. These humans are visionaries, who seek to unify our common denominators, rather than destroy our inherent oneness…

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  1. Goodness forbid we try to understand, nay, appreciate another person’s point of view. We might open our minds and grow in the process!


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