People throw connotations around, without consulting the agreed upon meaning, found in a dictionary. I have commented before on how important word choices are, to effective communication. But this meme brings a visual to my understanding exactly. It inspired my following thoughts on what it means to respect ~

Thank you to Eulie Embry for her fantastic feedback on the original version of this post. She showed me I needed to edit this for better communication! Hahaha.

So ONEderfully ironic!


Respect defined, is a feeling of ‘deep admiration’ for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
That is pretty damn specific. Admiration. Esteem. Reverence and Honor are its synonyms.
Popular culture continually parrots a “respect all” mentality.
Well guess what. I do not have ANY respect, for UNREPENTANT rapists, racists, murderers, haters, child molesters, corporate war mongers, corrupt politicians, the physically violent, psychopathic, materially greedy, intentionally ignorant, religiously dogmatic or organizations who promote these things! And anyone who suggests we should, is nothing short of insane!
I am a peace, love & logic kinda gal. So I have a vast measure of unconditional love & yes respect, for humanity as a Light filled whole, but I do not respect or love individual humans who behave like animals & choose to function from a place of anger, bitterness, fear, envy or deceit etc. as an ongoing LIFESTYLE.
Can you honestly say you do?

While my love is given freely, my deep admiration must be earned~


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