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So…what does it mean exactly,  to follow the Light? This is what I know so far.

In a literal sense, Light is the natural agent that stimulates sight & makes things visible. However there is a secondary meaning, one that has a spiritual application.

The concept of a spiritual Light is not a new one. If you are a follower of Christ, in the truest sense, you already have an idea about that which I speak.  If you believe in God, you are halfway there. This Divine Light,  is a trump card over any gods or goddesses and ALL perceived voids.

Where ever Light shines, we can see what otherwise roars in the darkness; hidden. This is particularly true of that which lies deep within our souls. Hidden bad attitudes, hurts and confusion, when brought to the Light can be reduced to better attitudes, healing and clarity. The beauty of this Light is… it IS a natural agent… so really no one is immune to its influence completely, because WE ARE the Light!

Sadly though. Too many folks have spiritual sunglasses on! Thus dimming the available Light to their spirits. You can think of it as being spiritually starved.

People have to be willing to carry a candle into the darkest places of their own hearts, in order to gain true illumination. Most are unwilling to walk through their own personal hells. They go for the flight or fight method, rather than looking honestly at who they are and what they are bringing to our collective table.

I know this is true, because I lived it. I spent far more effort trying to outrun my ‘demons’, than it took to actually stand and slay them. It is all too easy to deny our shortcomings, poor decisions or unexpected traumas and stuff them away from the light of day. Our cultures provides tons of distractions if you are not into self exploration. So the average human, will never change. Think leopards, spots and what-not. All of which is rooted in fear.

However, there is a group of humans who actually welcome illumination. I have met a bunch of them here: There are those of us who actively work on our ‘inner man’ in an effort to create a better version of ourselves. There are those that actually learn from their mistakes and seek improvement & personal growth, as a way of life. Basically, we own our own shit and clean up after our own messes. Kindergarten stuff, that makes a WORLD of difference over time…Not just for us, but for you!

Enlightened people sparkle & glow. They feel good to be around. But they can & will hold a candle up to your crap. It is natural. They can’t help it. They will expose the darkness in you without trying…often without even speaking. Light just does what Light does. It illuminates!

There is a growing, albeit ancient, movement to follow this Light into a paradigm shift. ALL are called to participate in the process, but very few choose to answer. To be “chosen” simply means, YOU have chosen to trust in & surrender to, the divine’s expansive & evolving master plan. Because there is absolutely no shame in admitting… life is decidedly less treacherous with an enlightened tour guide!

Michael Jackson said it better than anyone when he wrote: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look in the mirror and make the change” !

I have personally chosen to follow this brilliant, creative & loving Light into eternity. Where-ever it shines, you will find part of me there~


  1. my dear goodrich i need ahelp from you,i joined illuminut 3yrs ago but i have nothing,my life is too bad.i saw all advertsments but i don’t know even how can get them coz am poor,am too far but when i want to fall the light, so i beg u pliz help me! AM IN AFRICA{uganda as acountry} PHONE-+256757404041


  2. I join illuminati this year but I haven recived anything I need ur help I am origin of Nigeria but I live in Italy with my wife and three child right now I am very poor I did not have a stable job I need help I want to be a some one in unit my pooverty is too mush for me I need ur support am reading to follow the order from the great illuminati


    • You must be willing to make the sacrifice necessary to obtain this wisdom. If you cannot find a way to buy a book, that will help you move forward, you will not find a way out of your current situation either. You must do better!!

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  3. I choose to follow without knowing Anything about the Light, everything i know now i found it wrong because Following the Light isnot about getting rich, is all about being true to yourself being Loyal to your own Inner Compass.
    Forever in the Path of Light.
    Close Your eyes and Open your Third Eye, surrounding with the Eternal Circle 🔺💯


  4. Hey V, I see there are people asking for financial help here as well… Jeez… Nice article… Thank you for that!! 🙂


  5. Thanks for the knowledge you have just impacted in us. I have chosen to followe the light with loyalty to enable the master plan will manifest


  6. We all knows that a dog can not eat the bone being hanged on his neck, many has and continued to attribute such actions to The Illuminati organization forgeting that the humanity has been entrusted into the hands of The Illuminati organization to guide, protect and diffend them from all harms and dangers that will affect them nor get them into extinction, it is not just and right to thank this great organization for their hard works and all the good they are doing for the humanity by giving them such attributions, i understood as a human that sometimes something wrong will happen or take place and the innocent will be pointed wrongly without getting the right informations, this is one of the biggest human errors and before you know it, somebody might have spend half of his or her life in jail innocently before getting the truth, indeed how i which people should know how important every human life is to The Illuminati organization, and by attributing such an act falsely to them is not fair, i dont believe that hugging the wrong informations as if it is the truth will help but rather digging hard and deeper to get the truth is the only right way, and on conclution, there is no human or animal sacrifices in The Illuminati organization, thank you, while my loyalty remains untouchable.


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