Contractual Partnerships~


I really just think it is time to modernize & upgrade our line of thinking, on pretty much everything.

So here’s a thought…


I think a prenuptial agreement should be a standard & yes mandatory, contract between any couple becoming legally bound.
Of course money concerns can be added amendments, but That part isn’t where my line of thinking went. I am talking about general & custom, marital rules of engagement.
Naturally, It would be incumbent on each partner to decide what was important to them, but here is what I am proposing as a starting point.
I would like to see, at the very least, conduct requirements in the event of a divorce, and stricter applications if there are children involved. It is simply not ok to cause unnecessary crazy, in the chaos of uncoupling.
Or how about physical abuse is a deal breaker, resulting in the injured party keeping most of the marbles upon dissolution?
That could apply to cheating as well. Or any manner of thing deemed a priority for us.
Why can’t a human expect to have their life partner adhere to a few voiced givens? After all, they both would be required to sign it, before the ceremony.
When we are HaPpy & healthy, we our on our best behavior. However, when things go south in a relationship, we are not a species that keeps our cool with complete consistency. Having a few rigid boundaries in place ahead of hell, certainly cannot cause human harm!
I think it would be enlightening to go through the process of making each more aware, of their expectations for their union.
I personally would include my man has to take out the trash. Don’t get me wrong, I will do it too, but not contractually, Lol. I FIRMLY believe it is a mans “job” having been successfully programmed by Bewitched as a kid! Just because I am a visionary, does not mean I am fully evolved! HA
Anyway…I think you get what I am offering here.

Human expectations for conduct within a marriage come with the territory. We all have ideas about what a HaPpy & healthy union feels like to us, for whatever reason.
If we took the time to write it all out, prior to signing the bottom line, maybe the need for articles covering our uncoupling, could one day, become obsolete?
How cool would it be, if we our treated our life long partnerships with this kind of dignified intention? Divorce is such a drag for all concerned, it really is preferable to do anything we can, to avoid one.
Plus the very act of initiating clear intentions, helps us manifest our joint endeavors with cooperation, thus producing more balanced & abundant families overall~


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