I am Reptilian~



“Yes ladies & gentlemen…Tis True!
I am of a reptilian linage.
(Hold applause)


See my skin?
Smooth like Snake
No hairs to raise.


While the Coo-Coo birds look for the missing link in a tree in South Africa…
I slither past unnoticed, yet dormant within.
I am the oldest part of the human brain, and I am related to ALL of you!
I am intelligence in motion; provocative & charming… caring only for the automatic rituals of instinct.


Not one of you,  have noticed my gaze,
Yet you are hypnotized by your own images…
however graven.


Your fear of me, is nothing more than the fear of your own darkness…
Those slithery things that lie within your own belly; thrice hidden.
The very traits that make your skin crawl, in remembrance.


Lessor Gods you may be to us, yet of the same royal court we belong.

You loathe our taste for flesh & mammon,
Yet you yourselves dine on bovines & hoard!
Point fingers all you want…
Ye until the cows come home…
but I AM still inside your unresolved nature; coiled.

“The rivers are full of crocodile-nasties…And he who made kittens, put snakes in the grass” -Jethro Tull


(surreal satire)


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