Born this way~


Ummm, No… I will NOT apologize for my DNA! I will not apologize for being born into a predominately white populated country, at the time of my birth (1961/84%). And as a women in particular,  I would certainly will not call it a “privilege”!

Simply stated: I will not apologize for anything I have no direct influence/control over, past or present. This includes the enslavement or oppression of other human beings. In other words, No…I do not have ‘white guilt’ & no one can badger me into feeling otherwise!

Bottom line: I am just an average human being striving to do my best, with the ‘cards’ I was given at the moment of my conception.  My skin color, my gender & my birthplace, were chosen by forces outside of myself. As were yours.

No amount of bullying, name calling, public shaming, historical revisionism, or attempts at humiliating me, will alter the truth of this reality.

If this makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you take your argument with our ‘divine management’…because this is not open for debate with me~


  1. Thanks For Your Writing, It Has A lot To Learn About, Your Writing Is A Candle That Will Light Paths For Many Who Are Following The Light. I Love You My Sister, Thus Why You Will Ever Remain A Leader.
    Many Thanks Sister, For Its Been Inspirational To Me, And I May Revisit This Site Time And Again For My Own Gain.

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  2. I am not on this journey alone, by the way. My fiancé, Morgan and I started this together. She and I have been growing together since day one…It is actually pretty cool how everything has played out. We mostly watch and learn then report what we have learned to others to help them find the light as well. We need to try a new method because we have yet to reach as many as you have…well, we have offline, but not nearly as many as you have online and I am sure offline as well. Your words have helped us on more than one occasion and I thank you for that. Wow, while typing this I had another realization: no matter what, the universe will make something happen, just takes time. I could have started this path a long time ago…oh, well I am here now and I brought a friend, lol

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  3. I am just now seeing how intelligent you are…I apologize for not recognizing it sooner. No offense is intended whatsoever. You have become the face for them by just being yourself. You truly are an amazing person and I wish I had a fraction of the drive you do and maybe I would have the motivation to do more and maybe I would be farther. Or maybe I just haven’t put all my pieces together yet, lol. I am trying to see how I can help, but nothing really seems appealing. Well, I don’t know about you(you seem to have had some prior knowledge before all of this which would explain your quick advancement), but this has been pretty enlightening for me so far and I can’t wait to see where this leads.


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