Sunday School with Rev. V~


I was LITERALLY willing to go to “christian” hell…in order to make sure what I had been taught, was true.


When I tell people I credit Christ with leading me out of the church, they look at me like I have grown horns right in front of them! They are actually antennas though…Lol

Rev. V~

I became truly & absolutely willing to give up my “eternal salvation”…in order to seek further divine revelation. My soul was simply not satisfied, no matter which congregation I turned to. The core message was always the same.

Fear God. Hate the Godless.

I could no longer continue to fit my innate understanding of divinity, into such a limiting framework. Although I tried super hard over the years to do so, Lol

I personally found the ‘church’ to be an abomination. The majority of her members sit on the throne of condemnation towards others, while using no judgement in managing their own lives. A people who candy coat their personal responsibility with a savior, in order to avoid dealing with their own lower nature and behavior.

The best of them stay fixed, unmovable & stagnant. Parrots with no thoughts of their own. Completely surrendering their magnificent Light-glory, to the ideals of a lesser godhead. I know this because I actually experienced it first hand, from the perspective of the “conservative right wing”.

I was a raven among the parroting hordes, wanting desperately to believe what they had memorized, was true. I saw with my own eyes what brainwashing will do to a person, a family, a community, a country.

This lack of personal accountability is at the root of many of the struggles our society currently faces. I believe this mentality comes directly from repetition based religions.

Religious programming is a disease to critical thinking. And critical thinking, (the power to reason) is paramount when negotiating our journey in matter.

Never mind the ability to study ancient texts with greater understanding.

We must put away our textbook version of god, and their resulting commentaries, and begin seeking with the author of Light within. The engineers of the most enduring manuscripts had direct experience of the divine. That is why they hold our interest across centuries. Too many of us are mere spectators to someone elses journey, never once considering the sacredness of our own.

Any philosophy or dogma that reduces  the progress of  humanity, fails to grasp the ETERNAL expansion of living Light.

Truthfully, I find it an exhilarating challenge, to keep up with the increasing bombardment of revelation emanating from our collective source.

It is time to bury the spiritually dead things, the roots of which, long ago stopped bearing fruit. It is time to break the yoke of a submissive, slavery based, patriarchal driven ideology, that sanctions criminal level hate in the name of god.

While opposing religions, ironically from the same Abrahamic root, fight till the death over dying thought-forms, a theory of everything has taken shape in the form of paradigm shifting Ontological Mathematics.

We can finally do the math here people!

One IS All, All IS One!

What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me…

I and the father are ONE…

I am IN Christ…

Don’t Ye know that YE are gods?

Let there be Light!!!

At-One-ment Achieved!

It is time to wake up from the dark ages of limited spiritual thinking and follow the Light right through Hell… into the Age of Enlightenment. Fully turned up, tuned in & turned on!

Because seriously…we have a planet to save, kids to educate, new technologies to develop, inspirational music to compose, animals to protect, art to create, oceans to explore, books to write, wrongs to correct, governments to infiltrate…


  1. And if My servants ask you about Me — behold, I am near; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me. Let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so that they might follow the right way”


  2. Dearest sister Victoriah, I make your very own,speech, mine now! This is truly inspired by the real-life experiencing and I do totally support you and agree with you on that specific religious matter! And to conclude, I would like to express my thoughts that despite the brainwashing and obsolete patterns they create to follow and preach, the Christianity itselh has been torn apart to multiple, theorized beliefs, diverging from each other! Which one is the truest, or the True one now? As the Biblical verses said, His church was about to be one! So why are there several individualists who claim to be the only representing Christ, uniquely? Here is the question! Excellent writing sister! That’s it!


    • What a Great writing this is. Something just Happened to Me!!!. Everyday I feel the light getting brighter, but this. This was Amazing. I need Enlightenment because the Truth is SOOOO much better!!Thank you Sister V!!!


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