I am Predator.


My name is Predator… and you are gonna LOVE me!

I am a human without conscious. I am not hard wired the same way you are. I am estimated to be 4% of the human population.  You should know up front… no amount of your hope or prayers will ever change the fact, that my brain does not function like the average human being.  I lack empathy, emotion & a spiritual connection with others.

However, I am highly intelligent, cunning, strategic and patient. I can mimic what I see other humans do, in order to gain their trust.  I look for my prey wherever you find the isolated & disenfranchised. I can smell desperation & insecurity. I will exploit your deepest fears in order to gain power over you, once I have gained your trust. I will flatter you with your love language & attentiveness. I will use it to separate you from your tribe, ye the entire herd. I will slowly eliminate those nearest & dearest to you so I may isolate your mind for my programming. I will bend your will to my own, one way or another. You will be my possession and I will play with you for as long as it suits me. And I play rough!

I get off on your fear. I am stimulated by complete control over you. It turns me on to slowly break you. I seek to see you bow your will to mine, as I triumphantly take life as you knew it, away from you. I actually enjoy using your love or adoration for me, against you. I don’t love you. I am incapable of love. But you will never know it.  You are too stupid to know it.

Countless authors & doctors have warned you about my socio/psychopathic type, but you have no healthy fear of my kind. Maybe it is because we look just like you, that you cannot fully appreciate our dangerous minds. We totally blend into your societies. We are like skinny green snakes in tall grass and we are always on the hunt.  We can be found literally everywhere, from your boardrooms to your bedrooms.

There is only one thing on earth we fear…        your awareness.


  1. If that’s how you meant it, then I DO apologize. Suffice it to say…quite effective satire; which by the way, I also fully grasp, but what you said seemed like it was ‘experience’ talking. Thanx 🙂


  2. I was afraid to read this, but I read it anyway and I don’t feel any better. I can’t believe you said those things; I promise, darkness will NEVER bring you Light. If you were speaking devils advocate, it sure seemed tongue and cheek.


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