Don’t Judge Me ?!?!?

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Oh Hell Yes I Will Judge You!                                                                     (she declares with a with a lilt in her voice)

I will judge if you are a good influence on me. I will use judgement to detect if you are a liar. I will judge whether or not my feelings, ideas & secrets are safe with you.

I will judge every word out of your mouth, to see if the info can be trusted.

I will use judgement to determine your moods, your taste in music, art, clothing, how clean and organized you live & if you are abusive, hateful or creepy.

I will surely  judge if you are about to drunk to drive!!

I will judge you on how you treat animals, how tolerate and accepting of others you are & most of all…how well you practice what you preach!

I absolutely will form an opinion & conclusion about you… until which time, new data emerges that suggests I should re-judge you!

But don’t freak…Judgement is not the same as condemnation. It is helpful to understand the difference ~



This has been a public service announcement brought to you be the letters E N F & J~



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