Doubting V…

  We all have doubts…


New Data/New Decisions  -V’s Motto

Am I heading the right direction? Did I say the right thing?  Am I doing the right thing? Do I believe the right thing? Am I really, a good person? Am I in the right relationship? Am I giving enough? Do I take too much? Do I listen, as well as I should? Do I talk too much? Am I following the right person? Am I being hyper-judgmental…I could go on & on & on…but I bet you get my drift!

Feeling uncertain seems to part of the human experience. It is unavoidable at some point, no matter how sure of yourself you are. While doubts left unchecked, can erode your convictions, double checking yourself can also strengthen your resolve.

Am I certain about this? Is the single most potent question, we can ever ask ourselves.

When I find myself on doubts door, I use the time to reaffirm what I know to be true, as well as review any erroneous thinking I might have developed.

Doubting invites self review. It nags at us until we are able to clarify our convictions. Doubt asks us to constantly self edit, against a world full of messages, that may indeed be lies.  It literally begs for the truth. And it is up to us to dig deep around & within for the answers we seek.

While it is easy to dismiss things that are not true about ourselves, it is much more difficult to dismiss long held erroneous belief systems.

Is this the right path towards the Light? Is this candidate lying?  Is this the right belief system?  Is this pastor telling me the truth? Is this Guru really trustworthy? Is this game rigged? Is this article real or satire?

If we find that our doubts are of a “Is This” nature…it is up to us to vet our beliefs. We must be willing to look around, read, research, ask others we trust for their wisdom and gather more data.

It is not healthy to blindly follow anyone or anything, no matter who speaks it, including me. We must be convinced, through critical thinking, logic & reason, as well as intuition.

As the new data pours in, we must be willing to make new decisions, so that we can turn the doubt into ‘knowing’. It is this knowing, that shuts doubt up…once and for all. It is how we turn our shifty beliefs, into a solid foundation of knowings.

So…When Doubt comes knocking, just let her in! She is there to illuminate. She is a Light that exposes all hidden truths, not just about ourselves, but the reality in which we live~


“The deepest doubts, build the strongest faith” -ILLUMINATIAM

“Doubts are a sign of an intelligent & free thinking mind. They are an inescapable part of our “process””



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