Spiritual Tenets for A New World Order?

I am cleaning out my drafts. This is just a little something I have in the works, that I will expand at a later date.


As the control of extreme radical edges of Abrahamic religions and their equally limited philosophical offspring, crumbles. We as the human race, need not abandon our spiritual heritage altogether.  In fact, it is impossible for us to do so. It is a part of the fabric of humanity. Our mysterious souls are all about evolution. It is called a ‘will to power’ and it is coded in each of us.  We must be willing to experience this expansion of our souls, as we let go of divisive doctrines & dogma, to embrace an all inclusive, sacred unity, as a species.

If we are to move past this present unholy imbalance, we must seek harmony as a people while still celebrating our unique distinctions. I feel very strongly that no matter where we reside around the globe, we can agree on some simple non-material truths that hail from every religion or ideology known to man.  A foundation if you will, in which all of us might stand. We must allow our love for life itself,  be our foundation,  our commonality,  if we are to survive our own manifestations at this point.

Will you agree to honor, the following 3 things, so we can at least stand on a baseline foundation and work our way UP, from there. I am interested to see, if most folks would sign on for this line of thinking, or are we still not “there” yet.

I vow to honor & follow the Light that is present in myself as well as every other living thing in the known universe.

I vow to recognize and honor the various paths taken, to get to the same destination. Thus removing my need to condemn, judge or proselytize.

I vow to remain non-violent in defense of my sacred-spiritual world view, even when my point of view seems hostile to another persons perspective, and actively encourage others, to do the same.





  1. Am happy to be here, so as to share my idea with brothers and sisters of the light. Suffer wife my studies( wisdom and knowledge from the illuminati) upon the lie have gone through is really understood now and clear. I wish my permission to join illuminati should be granted I promise to follow the light and maintain the laws of illuminati. My loyalty remain confirm to every member here thanks once more

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