WTH is a Healer? A super simple answer~

3D-Gif-Free-Download-Wallpapers-HD-in-3D-Categories Many of you are wondering what a “Healer” actually does. This of course, depends on which kind of healing you are in need of. In simplest terms, Spiritual Healing is beyond repairing that which is physically broken…It is about recovering that which has been misplaced within,  in order to restore wholeness/holiness.

Healers are willing energetic channels of divine love & light. It is the “Source” that actually does the work!

Not us.

There are many ways in which someone can work the healing magic with you. It is all about what you personally resonate with, as there are plenty of modalities out there to chose from.  The one most are familiar with, is  Massage Therapy.  As we inhabit the 21st Century more deeply, you will see this field of study gaining more ground & validation as we marry ancient wisdom, with modern technology.

As far as my practice goes…I simply serve as an inspirational companion to those who seek a path of personal resurrection. And I personally have a terrific cache of colorful tools that facilitate such intents~


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