Reviewing ILLUMINATIAM The First Testament of the Illuminati~


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Once in a blue moon, a paradigm shifting book is released, and ILLUMINATIUM (The First Testament of the Illuminati) is no exception.
As a seeker of all things esoteric & extraordinary… I can assure you, some of the information shared in it, has never been in print before!
This book has the capacity to alter long held erroneous beliefs, without sacrificing your spiritual sensibilities.
If you have an innate LOVE for your fellow man & instinctively know it is time for mankind to get its collective act together..this book was written for you!!!

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    • Unfortunately, this is a long game you are playing now. Patience is one of the virtues, that is required of potential ranking members. And I have had both success and setbacks, since I met them.
      So there’s that ~
      Just keep swimming Brother!!


  1. I am really eager to read it only i can’t afford to have one. I’ve search the net for free pdf but i can’t find one.


    • They have offered it for free.
      Maybe they will do it again sometime. Go without something to get it. I had to!!!
      It is worth it! No one is going to hand you unmerited success, so find a way to make it happen~


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