Coming out~


It makes me kind of sick to my stomach when I think of taking ownership of who I am meant to be. I have been successfully dancing around my life in full denial of what I am at my very core. Coming out in my early 50s is a testament to how deeply I buried myself in my own rhetoric. It is super embarrassing to confess this long held secret from the rooftops.  And you know what finally woke me up?  I started looking around at my stuff one day and realized the handwriting was on the wall all along. I had written about it for years in little snip-its squirreled away around my home and most alarmingly; online.

OK. So I’ll just say it. But holy hell It gives me butterflies to think about saying it out loud…in front of everyone… but I will.
I have known this on some level since 8th grade.

(Mum are you sitting down)?
I’m a writer~