Bliss You!!

burning-nature-hd-wallpaper-340232_resizedI have a thing for words.

I see no reason why we can’t use the true root meanings of the words VS their flimsy connotations. Language is a huge inhibitor of human communication anyway.  “Word keepers” have been Christianizing our vocabulary for decades & I think we should take back our language.  Root out the base meanings and reject any word that is of a religious nature from everyday speech.  If we get too far off the beaten path of agreed upon meaning, we crush our linguistic foundation and we are back at the Tower of Babel again; so to speak.

Ever since I discovered the root word for BLESS literally means “blood” in Old English. I have developed a bad taste for the verb.

Even in modern times, it is an expression that connotes “godly favor”…something many folks are willing to fight over.

However, this term is firmly rooted in priestly blood rites no matter how one choses to perceive it now. We need to be mindful of this. Just like I am now mindful of what someone is REALLY saying to me when they say “Bless You”!

The literal thought of it produces images of fresh blood being sprinkled on me without my expressed written consent.  Super chilling stuff if you will really stop to think about it. And you know the blood has to be fresh, because you cant flick coagulated red life force on someone. It clots. Probably out of horror. Even blood knows that is a fundamentally messed up rite.

And we use it soooo casually too…

When we aren’t employing it straight up inappropriately.

“BLESS her heart”! (in my best Jimmy Fallen)


“God really blessed me today with the win” (covertly implies that their god screwed the losers)

Ew. Ew.

The word is just no longer operational for me.

And I am hoping that under this new Light, it won’t be for you either!

So I am replacing it in my vocabulary with the word ‘BLISS’.

Bliss is a terrific replacement because it sounds almost identical, but has a broader & more inclusive meaning. It is free from any religious or unwarranted connotations, a bonus for an evolving species.

To be ‘blissed’ is to be experiencing perfect happiness & joy. To ‘bliss’ another, is to bestow said perfect happiness & joy upon them. What a lovely thought.

“A Blissing” can come from any person, place or thing at anytime &/or anywhere! How versatile is THAT?  Talk about a user friendly word.

Bottom line… this means that something or someone brought perfect happiness & joy into my life when we won the game! NOT: Whooo hooo…I have more of our “god’s” favor than you do (neener-neener). BTW

You got to admit, what I am suggesting we do…is WAY more “PC”  than allowing “Bless” to continue to go unchecked into the coming age of enlightenment.

So join me & let go of that passive aggressive word TODAY. I mean c’mon!  You know it is the Light thing to do!                                                                                                                (wink)


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