Unconditional Love: Part One



I’ll talk a lot about unconditional love. It is a huge topic for me, because I feel it is extremely important that we practice this kind of love as much as humanly possible. It is precisely the kind of love that gives birth to compassion, tolerance & acceptance at the deepest levels.
Getting started, it is imperative we get a baseline as to what the word ‘unconditional’ actually means. A simple Google search will put us immediately on the same page.
UNCONDITIONAL: Not Subject Conditions
OK. That was simple enough. But what does that mean exactly? Well… a closer look at the synonyms will help make it perfectly clear.
Synonyms for Unconditional include: wholehearted, unqualified, unreserved, unlimited, unrestricted, unmitigated, unquestioning, complete, total, entire, full, absolute & unequivocal.
I am going to spell it out for us…for convenience and all.

Love Wholeheartedly.

Unqualify your Love.

Love Unreservedly.

Un-limit your Love.

Un-restrict, Un-mitigate & Un-question your Love.

Love Completely.

Love Totally.

Love Entirely.

Unequivocally & Absolutely Love as Fully as you possibly can!

That sums it up quite nicely I think. Sometimes we get caught up in over-analyzing something that can be easily understood, if we would just revisit the standard, agreed upon definition.

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