Regarding “Heaven & Hell”~


News Flash!!

No one is going to hell.
We are already here.
No one is going to heaven either, because it’s right here, right now! These are merely states of “being”.
Everything is energetic vibration on this magical blue marble of ours. All of which resides within you.
Resonation determines which wavelength you are attracted to & amplify.
We live within a continuum of two extremes. Duality. Polarity.
Inherent in dualist reality, is the ability to choose that which we desire to serve. It is called free will.  We have been given an amazing playground in which to co-create not only our individual reality, but our collective one as well. It is literally up to US, to determine the ruling principles of our planet.

You want love? Let love rule you! You want peace? Let peace rule you! You want compassion? Let compassion rule you! You want hope? Let hope rule you!

As we as individuals begin to function consistantly as our higher nature dictates. We WILL change our world~
It is REALLY that simple my  friends!


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